Wordesign provides editorial, design, and production services for top-quality illustrated books to museums, cultural institutions, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and publishers. Our services include:

Design and Production
Design of jackets, covers, interiors, and promotional/sales materials
Art-program development; picture research and editing
Art cataloguing
Organization of picture archives (in concert with publication development)
Liaison with separator, printer, and binder
Color correction
Press approval

Project management
Manuscript development and writing
Ghostwriting and copywriting
Development, line, and copy editing
Index compilation
Production editing
Development, Marketing, and Sales

Develop/produce project proposal
Develop/produce sample design and sales materials
Consult with client on commissioning author(s)
Assist organizations with initiating and managing in-house publications programs
Target project placement with trade publishers and university presses
Negotiate contracts
Develop/produce marketing and public relations programs and materials
Assist client with distribution and fulfillment